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Like some improbable love-child of Dorothy Allison and David Sedaris, Drive Me Out of My Mind is a gritty, unflinching memoir about growing up on a forgotten frontier of broken American dreams—Michigan's brutal Upper Peninsula—that is also an uproarious comedy about va childhood spent in houses pollinated by drunks and users and poets and lovers and madmen . . . and one unforgettable mother. —Adam Davies, author of The Frog King

I loved this grave, manic, kickass, drug-addled, sex-drenched, visionary memoir. It starts as a tale of rootlessness and slowly becomes the opposite of that: the story of a constant love between a troubled boy and his unhinged mother—the portrait of an iron chain. It's mesmerizing. —George Dawes Green, author of Ravens and founder of The Moth

Drive Me Out of My Mind from Michael Bailey on Vimeo. Music by Shovels and Rope,"Boxcar".


is a coming-of-age story of wildness and wandering set primarily in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan—its abandoned iron mines, desperate small towns, and heart-breaking bars. It's the memoir of a boy raised by lawless and itinerant women and how he was cultured—and corrupted—by their hard-living, hard-drinking, and hard-loving ways. Given this lot in life, Faries tells how one boy was hurt into becoming a poet–at the ripe age of two—to imagine another world other than the daily madness in front of him—a world where violent stalkers hovered over the hospital beds of women as they give birth, where father figures also copulated with Gramma, where a worn Barbie doll was a main source of comfort, and where home meant 24 anonymous hovels in 10 years.

About Faries

Chad Faries is the author of two collections of poetry, The Border Will Be Soon and The Book of Knowledge. A recipient of a Fulbright Fellowship, he lived and taught in Central Europe for many years. Currently he teaches at Savannah State University, where he also hosts a radio program on WHCJ 90.3. When not in Thunderbolt, Georgia, Faries gets lost on his motorcycle whenever he can. Above all, he is a "Yooper"—a native of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

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